How we Work

We are flexible. If you have finished drawings ready to price or you’re an architect looking for a great builder we can help. But most of our projects follow the process outlined below, working in partnership with architects.


Concept Stage

The initial stage to get a basic concept together based on your budget. You may have already chosen an architect or we can connect you with our extensive industry network. Once complete an initial costing is done to ensure the project starts on a good financial footing.


Design Development

Where the hard work is done to develop the design, final finishes etc. There’s often a Town Planning application at this point. If so, an additional costing is done before submission to Council. Finding out you can’t afford the design plans approved by council can cause big delays.

We also review the design to ensure it provides value for money. The design outcome is crucial – but it’s also important the most cost-effective, energy efficient construction detailing is developed to achieve it. This stage is where input by the builder has the biggest impact saving time and money.


Contract and Building Permit

Once Design Development is complete the project is about 85% documented. We now provide an accurate costing, giving you confidence that the project can be finalised on budget. To lock the project into our construction schedule we take a deposit that secures your build start date.

Then over the following weeks all documentation is finalised and a Building Permit secured. Then we are off! A seamless transition between design and construction, ensuring you get your dream build in the quickest timeframe possible.



Our philosophy is to resolve all design decisions as far as possible prior to construction. This will save time and money and allow us to focus on the high-quality construction we are known for.

Of course, construction throws up issues. Particularly when dealing with existing buildings. Our combined 50 years of experience ensures we are well equipped to deal with whatever arises.

Communication is paramount during the build. Regular site meetings and our project management processes keep clients informed at all stages, clearly recording all decisions. This ensures transparency and clear communication from start to finish.

Our support will continue at handover and well beyond to ensure you happily settle into your new home.